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To All Allanté and XLR owners

Our new web site and is now up and running. It is a members only site, featuring technical information, downloadable documents, and member forums.

We are taking steps to have many replacement parts re manufactured, and will offer assistance obtaining parts memorabilia, and accessories from a variety of reputable sources.

An optional members directory is available to stay in touch with other members, as well as an events calendar highlighting meets throughout the country. We will even maintain a list of Allanté owners like myself that would love to help other owners repair, and maintain their cars.

We are even researching a real time chat site.

Even with all these features, the clubs first priority is to host large Allanté social gatherings.

Enjoy your car with confidence knowing that the collective knowledge and experience of your fellow members is at your disposal.

Now that our shared semi exotic indulgence is on the verge of historical status, it is in our combined best interest to support the Allanté community.

With your help, we will make this the greatest car club ever.

The membership is the club, your input is always welcome.

Thank You,
Johnny & Barbara Monzo
(856) 582-9243 Home
(609) 634-6518 Cellular Email

Be sure to visit:

P.S. The first CAC National Meet will be held in Watkins Glen / Niagara Falls on September 6th to the 12th For more information go to the new web site, and click on Event Calendar.

The Italian Flag

We put together the three colors Allantés that make up the italian flag, Phil's Polo Green, Joe's Pearl White and John's Red

The Allanté Store and Museum

Come inside to see the Allanté store and Museum. My goal is to try to get every Allanté item available to display for you. If anyone has an item I may not have, please e-mail me so I can show it off.

My Cars

We have four an a half Allantés. Mine is a custom 1989 Bright Red with saddle interior pulling an Allanté trailer. Barbara's is a 1993 Pearl Flax HT with natural beige interior. Andrew's is a 1989 black with charcoal. I also have a 1987 project car. (Possible future El-Allanté)
I got into Allantémania back in April of 98 when I bought my red one. Barbara and I went to our first Allanté meet in Dayton, Ohio. It was great to see so many Allantés in one place. Since then there was no looking back.We look forward to every Allanté Meet, not only for the cars, but for all the Allantéans we meet

Send me an

John Monzo
8 Eagle Rd. Turnersville, N.J. 08012

Feel Free to Call me At (856) 582-9243 Best Time Is In The Evening